Those in Nude-House.com will be a company entirely composed of Nudists - males and females - who work selling software solutions to their customers' problems. They all work totally nude and only dress when they leave the offices and undress when they arrive at the offices. This will be the first office location in the world dedicated to the practise of Nudism - providing a safe and comfortable environment to utilise their pleasure at the same time as earning very well from their skills.

We are lucky to sell an excellent product that does not require sales personnel to attend to customers, that can be sold over the Internet and is delivered over the Internet, that can be supported by staff employed in the company who do not need to attend the customer - so what they wear is their own business and no-one else's concern.

We intend to run Nude-House in multiple locations in many places around the world. We have a self-financing operation and given the small funding required and wanted to set up an office in a suitable area, we can operate this in dozens of places - talk to us if you can suggest locations to us.

This is the ultimate experience for nudist self expression while working and earning excellent income - the offices will be well heated and will have other facilities to make the entire experience very pleasurable. We will make sure all the staff are happy and content at their work.

The staff will mostly be sales (males and females) selling our software system developed to make the customers' own web sites work better for them. We will also employ some web coders working to make the customers' own offerings better - we supply these web coders' services free to the customers. The software works on the Internet on any hardware confoguration and is demonstrated to the customers online without the salesperson needing to be present.

There is no need for customers to be aware that the staff work in the nude. We will actually sell the services under a different name - Graphic-Links.com - and do not mention Nude-House to customers. We will not generally publish photos of the girls and boys (except some applicants) because we are not trying to pander to voyeurs. We are not encouraging sexual behaviour - our boys and girls work hard together to make sales and make money - they all look attractive because they are nudists - not because they will act in some sexual way for viewers here.

You can apply to work with us if you are a nudist and can sell - apply to us on Nudes@Nude-House.com with your resume (CV) details of your experience in selling and your previous experience with nudism and please enclose a photograph.

We do want more girls (as we get enough volunteers from male nudists) so if you are a female nudist and want to try working with us or you know someone female who might like to work then get them to apply to us. We pay very well and everyone will enjoy themselves. The working hours and conditions are very open - the staff can work as and when they want, as long as potential customers are available. The staff get paid for success in sales not attendance.

Don't be shy applying